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Casper…The Friendly Whitewater Park

The winter here in Colorado has been a long one.  So long in fact that lately I have spent the countless hours watching kayaking videos and splashing cold water in my face.  October 28th 2010 marked the last time my ass touched the seat of my Pyranha Molan…until this weekend!

After hearing from my friend Leif Anderson that the whitewater park in Casper, Wyoming was in, I dropped everything headed up to meet him in Fort Collins.  Leif, his fiancee Natalie and I rallied through a savage snow storm on a four and a half hour drive north to Casper for a weekend of freezing cold play-boating.

I want to give a huge shout out to the Schmitt family for hooking up a place to crash, T-roy for letting me borrow his M Molan, John Quartana for the Go-Pro and Leif and Natalie for these photos, hope you enjoy them…edit coming soon!


Whitewater Park in Casper, WY


Evening session with Leif


Throwing around the Molan on a puny feature


First loop in a while...felt great!


Not positive, but I think this is a BROWN trout, almost getting as much air as me in the Molan... 🙂


Trying to keep my head dry.