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Racing Round the Indian Sub-Continent

I have recently returned home after spending 6 months travelling the Indian sub-continent; the trip was one of the best I’ve been on and was full of awesome rivers, people, food, and cultural experiences. One of the highlights was competing in three events – the Malabar River Festival, MeghaKayakFest, and the Himalayan Whitewater Challenge. All …

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Tallulah Fest 2016

Tallulah Fest is definitively one to go to, and it is personally one of my favorites. If you think the Tallulah is fun to paddle, the festival makes it even better. I got there Friday morning and paddled  Section Four of the Chattooga with my friends and we had a blast. It was my first …

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Spooky Rivers of Britain

It’s almost Halloween (or Hallowe’en if you prefer the traditional spelling), and whether you believe in ghosts or not, rivers can be pretty spooky places to be as the air gets colder and the evenings get darker. Here’s a few ghost stories based around rivers that have given us chills recently: The Drowned Children of …

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Cispus River Appreciation

Deep in the wilderness of the Gifford Pinchot River in Washinton state lies the Cispus River. The Cispus is a combination of runoff from the Goat Rocks and Mt Adams. This river usually can be accessed late in the summer when the roads clear from snow, and the water levels become lower. This season, with …

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Why Kayaking and the LPS are Awesome (As if You Needed an Article to Tell You!)

The Ladies Paddle Symposium 2015 is coming up this weekend, and some last minute places have just opened up; if you’re interested, please call 07737 040 785. Here are some words from Susanna Rickard about last year’s event! I hadn’t realised a jaw could really, physically drop until Fran read out my name as winner of a …

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Wet West Paddlefest 2012

The annual Wet West Paddlefest, now in it’s 8th year took place last weekend, and as per usual was awesome. The lure of guaranteed dam releases on the Moriston and Garry rivers, in combination with the obligatory party was too much for many to resist, and there were all sorts of familiar faces bobbing around the …

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Dee River Festival 2012

The inaugural Dee River Festival took place on 24th/25th March, at Mile End Mill on the Dee. Whilst the rain gods were otherwise engaged meaning low water levels, this did mean that the sun was out in force for the entire weekend making for an incredibly relaxed weekend of boating, beers and banter. Beth going …

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Demshitz “Stay out of Jail Tour 09” recap

Demshitz Stay out of jail tour was a success! Dave Fusilli Nicole Mansfield and I survived a summer traveling from state to state in the Team Pyranha van ( aka “orange bitch” ) visiting Pyranha Dealers events, rodeos, races; we went everywhere! Here is a video from our last stop on the tour in Ouachita …

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