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Below and Beyond, The Grand Canyon of the Andes or: Spike’s on the Source Again

Initially, the Rio Maranon falls in a series of desperately difficult or impossible cataracts, and by the time it reaches an altitude of around 2100m it has calmed down sufficiently for the mortal to consider getting afloat…


Balkan Rivers Days – 72 Hours for Rivers

Shortest way to explain what was going on from September 24th – 27th in Serbia is to describe it as Unconventional gathering of River lovers. Imagine 120 River conservationists from 18 countries hanging out in the most amazing place just next to the mighty Sava River in the most vibrant city and the former capital …

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Battle for Rivers in the Balkan Peninsula – Vjosa: The Last Intact Gem

The basic idea behind the establishment of Leeway Collective in the start was to bring Nature closer to people again in order to feel the empathy towards her – something that is in every one of us but unfortunately gets distracted in these crazy times when everybody is chasing their dreams underlined with numbers… After …

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