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Serrasolses bros reel 2012

Here’s our reel from Serrasolses Bros Productions (SBP) shot in Mexico, Norway, Spain, France… Lots of cool places and cool times shared with great friends and awesome rivers. Thank you!

“Born and raised in Catalonia the serrasolses bros have been paddling for the last 10 years. Starting off with a freestyle kayak base they have slowly moved in to creek boating where they truly found their discipline. Going down waterfalls and slides on some of the most special and unique places all around the world”.

Props to my brother Aniol Serrasolses for the good job with the edit while recovering to a 100% on his injury. Stoked he’s ready to get back in his boat and go as big as ever!

Principal cinematography: Tino Specht, Evan Garcia, Fred Norquist, Gerd & Aniol Serrasolses

Additional footage: Aleix Salvat, Anton Immler, Logan Grayling, Marc Parra, Nick Troutman, Josh Neilson & Mike Mckay.