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Getting back…

Mexico last fall was awesome, a really good trip. Unfortunately I got injured on my last week staying there, so I flew to Chile with bruised ribs and not super positive. After a few days in pain I realized I’d be missing the WW Grand Prix in Chile which was happening early December. I was pretty disappointed and sad about it, however the worst part was that I knew I’d have to rest and not kayak for at least the next two months in order to recover from  the injury. I stayed at my good friends’s Pali in Santiago, discovering the city and doing some PT both for my ribs and still injured ankle from the summer…

Time went by in Santiago, slightly getting better day after day I decided to head to Pucón just before Christmas to spend a few days with some friends. Termas, asados, shooting video and driving shuttle… that was the daily routine. I also climbed the volcano, the Villarrica (2.840m) with a guide friend of mine so I saved the 80US it costs.

The week after new years I got my boat from a friend and started to paddle. I started at the the lake and then the Liucura with Rodrigo from Kayak Pucón.

It was a good place to start, I felt really bad in the boat; out of balance, no power… and pretty out of shape after two months without any physical exercise. The first days boating were great though, it was like starting over again. It was so good to finally seat back in a boat and float down the river again… missed it so much!

 I was super stoked to be back in the water and even if the pain was still there I knew the injury was almost healed and it was just a matter of time to start to feel good in the boat again while getting fit and stronger. I was super fired for the season to come.

After a couple weeks paddling the Liucura and Trancura daily I was starting to feel better in the water, which was actually dropping pretty fast, so it was time to leave and migrate south.