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Morocco – Part 2

Watching Dave and the guys leave, I was pretty sad. Spending almost every second with a bunch of fine people even for only 10 days can make you close.

Stuart Martindale on the Dades

The First Gorge of the Dades

I snapped out of that sobby mess found Stu, my partner in crime from Tibet, and sought out more Moroccan adventures.

We spent a couple of days paddling through a popular tourist destination - the Dades Gorges which was again, not too challenging but, incredibly beautiful.
That was followed by a surreal day driving through the desert and snow, to the Ahansal and longer descent through this classic.


The Sebou

Morocco is certainly the friendliest country I have ever had the pleasure of paddling in and in their stride for development many dams are being built so I wonÂ’t be leaving it too long before returning.

For a more detailed write up and more photos follow meÂ…

Third & Final Gorge on the Dades