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One Mile One Month

Waiting for the melt

Me and Marks dog Inca enjoying the sun

This summer I have been asked to be apart of an awesome expedition out here in Norway. As you all know Norway has become well known for its waterfalls and steep creeks. The amount of drops seems endless. well this year we will find out.

Our aim is to descend 1 mile of vertical white water in 1 month. during the summer over a period of 31 combined days. Mark Burton, Ed Cornfield and Martin Vollen and myself will huck, fall and throw ourselves off as many waterfalls as we can. We need to average 42.5 feet each daily and as a drop can only be counted once this means a lot of classic and new runs. It should make for an awesome trip and I will be reporting as we go here so you can follow us. You can also catch us on our website linked below:

Testing the Everest

getting used to the handling on my new Everest

we are just waiting for the melt now which will soon hit Telemark so until then I´m getting out as much as I can in my new Everest which is going to be my weapon on this expedition and from what i´ve seen so far is an awesome boat.

Enjoy your spring, I know I will!