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Loki vs the Inazone and Prozone on the Tallulah Gorge

The Tallulah River in north Georgia is a playground full of blunt and spin waves, cartwheel holes, rock spins, eddy lines, and splats on the vertical gorge walls. Its a great river for slicey playboats like the Loki, so the weekend Tyler Mayo, AJ Matthews, Matt Redmond and Myself took a quiver of boats including the Loki, InaZone and ProZone down there, along with my brother and my dad making it a family affair.

Tyler squirting the Prozone below Oceana

From the eddy at the put in and all the way down the river, I could not stop doing stern squirts on every eddy line. The stern on the Loki slices under the water like a wing and is easy to get vertical and easy to stay there. For paddling downriver, the Tallulah’s continuous class IV boulder gardens were a great test for its capabilities. The Loki is surprisingly fast, and its continuous rocker from bow to stern makes it boof really well. In the hole, cartwheels are buttery smooth, and as well as blasting back and forth across the hole. The wave at ampitheatre is fast and steep with a nice foam pile at the top, which made clean spins, backstabs and blunts all possible. The Loki was great for carving up a front surf but was also nice and loose for spinning. It would release perfectly after bouncing for a blunt as well!

Splating the gorge wall at Tanners launch

Here is what Tyler Mayo had to say after hopping in the Loki: “The Prozone 235 is one of my favorite boats.  I paddle it all the time and have the time of my life doing all the fun old school moves  squirts, splats, rock spins etc.  But after paddling the Loki on the Tallulah this weekend I was truly blown away.  The Loki is pretty much the perfect slicy playboat.  It does everything all my other slicy boats can do except that its way more comfortable and much easier to paddle.  It might just be time to add a new boat to the quiver.”

Myself in the Loki at Oceana center line

While you are not going to be winning modern freestyle competitons or racing down the Green, if you are into using river features, getting creative, and having fun all the way down the river, the Loki is a sweet boat!

Big thanks to AJ Matthews and Lisa Lucas for the awesome photos


Tyler in the Prozone at Oceana







Ben Lucas, Matt Redmond, AJ Matthews, Tyler Mayo, Clay Lucas, Barry Lucas