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losing focus, ended season

You probably came to a moment when you portaged one rapid, telling yourself that you would eventually run it later. That moment came first on the Mastigouche lac Sainte-Rose, 2 years ago. I saw the huge horizon line, didnt feel the last hole/mush and said to myself “lets come back later”.

With more experience and skills, this year felt just natural to go back and try this run. Beside, I was showing around the goods around Quebec to Simon Roy, native from Gaspesia. we did a quick stop to Mastigouche Nord to run a minimum-low level of the last 2 rapids then drove only 10 minutes to the other run, Mastigouche Lac Sainte-Rose.

Too much excited about the upcoming afternoon on the river, I stopped the car  halfway in the steep dirt road and told the guys we would just have a quick look to the slide. Only 2-3 steps before the happened…

A pile of leaves were covering a crack between 2 rocks…my ankle got in and snap! It was too late. Laying on the ground with a huge pain coming all the way up in my entire leg, I was just saying to myself “the f**k you just did”. Its kinda hard to explain every feelings you have when you come to have an injury, especially when you have an active lifestyle.  Thinking about not paddling till winter, not able to work during 2 weeks, neither giving my martial arts classes for at least 3 weeks…it goes from denying to anger interspersed with   culpability or optimism. Still managed to take photos of the boys and had a great time though.



Simon Roy, glad to have ran one of many gems Quebec has to offer

I felt dumb because last time I gave a creeking clinic this summer, I put an emphasis on being vigilant while scouting and stuff, taking time to avoid injuries. What I learned from this weekend, apply my own advice to my everyday runs and stay focus ALL the time! Even if it looks like nothing, don’t get distracted by the excitement of running something.

Sprain ankle

See you next spring