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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  1. Devil’s Canyon of the Susitna River, Alaska — February 10, 2020
  2. Video: High Water Raven Fork in the 9R — March 26, 2015
  3. Video: 9r on the Green River, North Carolina — December 17, 2014
  4. Pyranha 9r – Fast is Fun on the Tallulah Gorge — November 21, 2014
  5. Video: Cispus River, Washington — October 1, 2014

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Devil’s Canyon of the Susitna River, Alaska

Scouting Devil’s Creek Rapid was one of the more intensive scouts I have ever been a part of. There is no one place you can see the entire rapid, but as we made our way downstream along the left bank, watching the previously wide Susitna begin to choke down all 26,300 CFS, you knew something significant was happening around the corner.


Video: High Water Raven Fork in the 9R

Like so many others out there, the 9r has quickly become my favorite kayak of all time.  I have had a lot of fun taking it on harder and harder whitewater, and it performs beautifully, from class II to class V+!  Here is a quick gopro edit of a sweet weekend on the Raven Fork …

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Video: 9r on the Green River, North Carolina

Hey ya’ll just a quick post here with a little video from a fun fall lap down the Green River in North Carolina in the 9r. I have been loving this boat! As you can see, the bow rides up and over features super easily and retains speed very well making for a super fast, …

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Pyranha 9r – Fast is Fun on the Tallulah Gorge

I am fired up on this new boat! Going fast and linking up moves is one of my favorite ways to kayak and the 9r makes it that much better. The 9r is the highest performance, most progressive kayak design ever made, and if you need some proof just take a look at the rocker …

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Video: Cispus River, Washington

The Cispus River is a little piece of paradise tucked away in a remote gorge in the mysterious, magical, sasquatch infested forests between Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier. While a trip to this river is easily done in an afternoon, one does not go to the Cispus on a schedule, resulting in a phenomenon known …

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Video: Little White Salmon – Low Side of Good

Typically once the Ldub gets below around 2.8 or so, most people stop going out there. We start running the Truss and the Cispus, and save Little White laps for next season. But this year, once it reached the end of summer, everything was pretty dang low, and on a nice hot sunny day, we …

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Chile and Argentina Highlight Video

Well it has taken me a while but I finally put the finishing touches on my edit from Chile and Argentina this year. You can see a trip report of the whole adventure that I posted on this blog a few weeks ago here:  I have to give a massive shout out to everyone who …

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Escaping Winter in South America Part 2: Ecuador

After 2 great months of charging Chile and Argentina, we headed back to Santiago for a flight to Quito, Ecuador to begin the last leg of the South America trip.  After arriving and spending a night in the airport, we headed for Baeza, one of the major hotspots for paddling in the country. While Ecuador …

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Chile! Escaping Winter in South America: Part 1

Chile! I have been wanting to take a kayaking trip to Chile since the first time I saw the Demshitz movie my senior year of highschool in 2009. I have been planning this trip in my head ever since then and this year, after graduating from college and having a full winter season at my …

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Lower Lewis Falls Huck Session, WA

Lower Lewis falls is a sweet park and huck 40 footer I had been wanting to run all summer, but had not worked out until it dropped out. Luckily we had some early fall rain, bringing it back into a prime level for a day. Chris Stafford and Chris Morelli were easy to rally to …

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