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Colombia – from the boats’ point of view

As a round-up to our Colombia expedition I thought I would do something a little different and give you a summary of our trip from our boats’ point of view – enjoy!

I arrived in Colombia after a very long flight and I was initially a little grumpy with Dave as I had been shut in a cold, dark hold for most of the time. But after hearing the team grumbling about how rubbish the flight had been, I decided I’d probably got the best deal.

 Bogota wasn’t as warm as I was expecting but I think that was because we were quite high up in the mountains. It would have been better if it had stayed like that though because pretty soon it was really hot and all the padding Dave had stuck inside me started falling out!

 I went on some awesome rivers in Colombia. Some were clear, most were brown and a few were black! – you couldn’t even see me!

I paddled with some great people too, although I couldn’t understand most of them. There were Colombians, French, Americans, an Argentinian, a German, a British guy and Charlies’ Angels!

Most of the time I travelled around in buses or on dodgy trucks or trailers, but this one time I got to ride a donkey!

 I got left behind quite a lot as well. The team kept going off and eating these huge meals, playing crazy games with gunpowder and trying to dance in night clubs. They even abandoned me in the jungle, twice!!

I got paddled by some other people too, so did my friend. She got paddled by a guy called Victor and he wasn’t very gentle with her.

He was a really nice guy though and he liked her a lot, so he bought her from Fran. Dave sold me to a chap called Mario. I was a bit disappointed when I found out he wasn’t the guy from the computer game.













Now I live in Colombia. I’m starting to learn Spanish but I can’t really understand my new paddler yet. He keeps talking about taking me to rivers that are ‘muy fuerte’, I should really find out what that means…….