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Pyranha Dart Fest 2012!

Pyranha’s annual DartFest at the River Dart Country Park is always good fun! This year was no exception, check out the video to see what happened…  Slightly low water levels did not stop paddlers getting some great coaching from Chris Eastabrook’s renowned confidence building courses and Liquid Logistics improvers river trip.

Lots of people dropped by the stand to check out the first sighting of the new freestyle machine… the JED. The Loki was also out to play and of course the Burn, Shiva, Varun… were there too!

Off the water in the evening and it was over to the team’s female paddlers for insight and entertainment. Paula Pridham presented her intriguing research on fear in whitewater padding. Most importantly though she also shared her experiences and expert advice on how to manage and overcome that fear. Fran Kohn then gave us the latest from her recent trip to Chile with a video of one of the great rivers she paddled out there.

And then we danced…

The brand new Pyranha Jed!

Loki and Jed on the stand!

High Quality coaching…

Just imagine you’re in a kayak…

and happy faces all round!

Spin to win!

See you at Dart Fest in a years time!