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Cat Hardman

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Name: Cat Hardman
Date registered: November 10, 2015

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Tallulah Fest 2016

Tallulah Fest is definitively one to go to, and it is personally one of my favorites. If you think the Tallulah is fun to paddle, the festival makes it even better. I got there Friday morning and paddled  Section Four of the Chattooga with my friends and we had a blast. It was my first …

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How to Seal Launch?

Seal launching is like flying, but only to land in water. Its an amazing feeling and it is fun. The seal launch involves sliding or falling off the shoreline and dropping into the river. The seal launch is a fun way to start your day. Or playing on rivers with steep banks, and sometimes it can …

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The One and Only, Pyranha Shiva

Back in the summer of 2015 I got my first creek boat and it was a Pyranha Shiva Small. My first run in it was on the Upper Nantahala, after that I used it on the Upper Gauley, Tellico, and the South Sauty. The boat was perfect, every boof I hit, the boat just flew …

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2015, An Extraordinary Year

This year was amazing, I paddled in 3 countries and 6 states. That might not be a lot, but it is a lot for me. I started off in January with paddling in Alabama, then was off the water for a while because of knee surgery. Then for my first run after surgery, I was …

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3 Weeks Non-Stop Boating

In July 2015 I attend the OKS Keener program on the Ottawa River. It was 3 weeks of kayaking every single day. I flew up there by myself and my parents came and picked me up. We drove back home. Even though I had done so much kayaking I still wanted to kayak. On the …

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