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Skookumchuck Narrows

Skookumchuck wave is located really close to Egmont at the Skookumchuck Narrows National Park. To get to Skook you take the ferry from Horse Shoe Bay to Gibsons and drive along the coast until you reach Egmont. It’s a really scenic and beautiful drive.


Skook is considered one of the best and smoothest waves in the world, and it definitely is!

Since I started watching kayaking videos I’ve always dreamed about Skook. At first I didn’t know it was a tidal wave or where it was, and definitely never thought I’d ever go there. Fortunately things change and this year I was fortunate enough to go for a few days. Skook was as sick as I always thought it would and I’d like to be there right now!

Watching the wave build up and form is amazing, it goes from nothing to one of the most perfect waves in the world, and the scenery is amazing. There’s all kind of sea creatures, specially purple stars. We also saw a black bear and a seal, stoked!


We had three days of amazing weather and an awesome time with the Demshitz (Dave, Bren, Mike, Craig and Matt), and friends from the Gorge Rush and Matty B with Marcos, Benny, Tait and Mat! We all had  great time sharing the wave and watching each other. After the long afternoon and evening spent at the wave we would cook a big meal and pass out, so good!


The Jed did awesome on the wave and I was impressed by its looseness and speed. I surfed for hours every day just to wake up super sore and tired the next day and keep going. It was definitely lot of fun!


Dave, Bren, Craig… they were all paddling the carbon Jed which is the lightest, stiffest and raddest carbon boat I’ve seen and paddled in my life. The boat is only 7 kg and it’s amazingly fast and loose. Unfortunately I only got a couple rides on it but definitely enough to feel the power and potential of this boat!

Overall we had an awesome time paddling the best boats and the best wave, perfect combination!

Pics by Alicia Casas

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