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Yule creek

IMG_7911 Yule Creek birthday bash.

Back in the days of being a full grown freestyle from I used to spend endless hours (and still do) watching videos of kayaking, One of the videos that has stuck with me over the years is this one.

Since watching this video I have always wanted to go and fire up Yule Creek, One of the steepest, most uncontrollable runs in the world. Almost 6 years after watching the video the opportunity finally presented itself and myself and Dave Fussilli (co founder of Demshitz) both got to blast down it on our birthdays.


Yule Creek consists of four drops, The first one being around 30ft tall and ending in a tiny pool before the next rapid, Wall ride. It isn’t too hectic but the crux moves comes immediately afterwards by getting left and fading back into the middle to enter wall ride in the right place.

Wall ride was my favourite rapid on this run, Pull yourself over a huge curler and hold on as you accelerate hard towards a slate wall and then at the last possible second drop your edge and ride up it. Such a sick move!


After Wall ride you come up to the third and scariest drop, I can’t quite remember the true name of this drop but we have been calling it the Fussilli f*cker for reasons that are made obvious in this video.


It is the steepest slide by far on this run, the crux move is to get as far right as possible at the top and avoid the piton rock that owned Dace a few years ago. We both had pretty good lines, Dave pitoned slightly again but was fine, I got up on the bank and had a heart stopping moment when I realised how grippy the rock was and thought I was about to crash down the rest of the slide sideways and upside down, Thankfully the rock let go,I brought my boat back to being straight and enjoyed the rest of the slide worry free.


The final drop is a real treat after the Fuslli F£cker, A 15ft autoboof into a huge pool. This is one of the most satisfyingly awesome places I have ever been.

Video of our Yule creek run here.

It’s funny how life works out, i never imagined I would get to drop Yule Creek, let alone on my birthday with one of the guys from the original video I watched as a 14 year old freestyle grom. As always life is good and I can;t wait to finish the last competitions of the Colorado pro tour and spend some more time in a creek boat with the Demshitz crew.

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