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Welcome to the Fusion Family

Like all families, the Fusions share common traits, particularly in their adeptness across a wide range of different kayaking-based adventures, but each individual member has their own approach and specific qualities. Allow us to introduce you…

The Fusion IIs are adventurous…

Above: Director of US Operations/Logistics, Mike Patterson talks us through the Fusion II.

“The Fusion II is my perfect adventure kayak, and the first boat I pull out when I’m showing my non-paddling friends my favourite spots (especially as the three different sizes available make sure everyone is happy)!

I just find it so easy to paddle; the Fusion II is comfy, stable, super manoeuvrable, and especially for such a compact kayak, it tracks beautifully with plenty of speed. Whether I want to chill out on flatwater, add a little spice with some white water, or just paddle out into the sunset on a summer evening, it’s my first choice, and after hearing how much fun it is in the surf, that’s next up on my hit list…”

Lauren Mackereth, EU/ROW Sales Manager

The Fusion Duo is a sharer…

Above: The story of two families’ (including Designer, Robert Peerson and his family) shared journey on the river and by its banks.

“I believe the Fusion Duo really can turn a non-kayaker into a lover of the river in just one paddle. Not only can you take a friend on an overnighter down your favorite river, but it is also an amazing tool for teaching. The boat has nice length and volume for a full-sized friend, plus an easy-access hatch for all your camping or day-tripping adventures.

The Fusion Duo really is the best way to teach someone how to kayak or about rivers in general and makes for a unique learning experience. You’re sitting in the back of the boat able to explain each angle, stroke, and edge as you go!”

David Fusilli, Head of US West Coast Operations

The Fusion SOT is reassuring…

Above: US Team Manager, Big D gets his fish on with the Fusion SOT.

“As a whitewater kayaker, the idea of a Sit-On-Top never really piqued my interest; ironically (and unfortunately), I felt it to be beneath me. The first time I paddled the Fusion SOT, however, I couldn’t manage to wipe the grin from my face!

The Fusion SOT made rivers I know too well feel completely different and added a new level of comfort to overnight runs. I was able to pack more gear than I ever imagined, and surprisingly, swimming was no longer a dreaded occurrence; instead, it was easy to jump in, cool off, then slide back on the boat and keep paddling.

The thigh straps offer great control in whitewater, but when things mellow out there’s also enough room and stability to move around and relax. I found myself sitting sideways, with my feet hanging in the water, or lazily lying on the back deck taking in the views.

The Fusion SOT has even opened the door to whitewater for my wife, who’d previously been too nervous to attempt it, but the manoeuvrability and open design gave her the confidence to try.”

Mike Patterson, Director of US Operations/Logistics

So there they are, a family of kayaks to suit your family of paddlers!

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