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Upper Cherry!!!!

First of all this is one of my favoite places on the planet. Myself and the rest of demshitz (Jared, Graham, Nate Mack, Jed Selby, and the Dr. Andre Spino-Smith) headed to Cali for a few overnighter missions.


Yosemite National Park

So Tuesday I found Myself and several damn good friends two of which we meet at the put in Byran Kirk and fellow Pyranha paddler Matt Young walking down a trail with like eighty pounds on our backs hiking into one of the coolest places on the planet, Upper Cherry creek. Last time I made it to Upper Cherry it was very high water preventing us to run the bigger gorges and drops. Two days ago, however was a different story. We had low water which was a bit slow for the upper section, but real nice for the bigger stuff. It’s hard to imagine this place, but I have several pics here for yinz. Keep posted for a video from Upper Cherry and the Middle Fork of the Kings which we will be making our way into on Saturday. This one is going to be a hell of an ass kicker, 15 miles hiking, 30 some kayaking and top it off with a 2 mile hike out. DEMSHITZ


Yosemite National Park


Jared on the hike


Givin er
Put in

Stoked, I can see the creek after eight hours of hiking

First gorge just before we camped

Rollin up on Cherry Bomb falls

Jared, Double Pot Hole

Myself, Kiwi In a Pocket

Our good friend from Futaleufu Chile, Nate Mack. When you go to Futa check out Nate’s hostile (Las Natalias)

Nate, Dead Bear Falls

Tea cups at the end of the Cherry Bomb gorge

Matt Young, Double Pot Hole
Lake view

This is getting near the end of the road. You can see Cherry Lake in the background.

So we finally arrived at the lake at end of day two and we all got a ride behind a house boat it was damn helpful, thanks

Middle Kings Coming soon…..peace Demshitz