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Sulawesi exploration

Whilst flying out the not-so-successful expedition to Papua in 2011, our plane stopped off en route to re-fuel. We had no idea where we were, and we popped into the airport for a quick Nasi Goreng and to find out. Discovering we were in Sulawesi set my brain into gear. I have the pleasure of …

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Return to Indonesia

Last year I took part in a rather intense expedition to explore a jungle river in Papua in eastern Indonesia. Whilst we didn’t succeed in descending as much of the river as hoped, it opened my eyes to the huge variety of cultures, wildlife and landscapes that Indonesia has to offer. I got married in …

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Claim it!

The kayaking world isn’t like the mountaineering world. Traditionally being gentlemen of high regard, mountaineers have always kept accurate records of their achievements. Kayakers, traditionally being scumbags, have not. This has led to much pub (and internet) based based banter over who ran what first. It’s getting more and more difficult to find that elusive …

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Adidas Sickline Expedition “Sumatra 2009”

The latest expedition of the Adidas Sickline Team was destined to be in the heart of Indonesia. Torrential rapids, monsoon rain, lovely beaches and people getting hurt are only a small part of this exiting trip. The full story and photos on Best regards, Tomass Marnics