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Spring Tradition: Goshen Race 2019

On March 2nd, 2019 paddlers from four different states converged on the beautiful Maury River for a Virginia spring tradition: the 12th Annual Goshen Race.

A “Winter Storm Warning,” and uncertain water levels the night before did nothing to dampen the good vibes of this low-key gathering. The day was warming by the noon-time mass start; and sunlight flashing off of 45 furiously churning paddle blades signaled that it had become a gorgeous day. The beautiful weather came with an equally perfect water level as the river crested at 1330 c.f.s. during the race.

Everyone paddled a solid race and there was no awarding of the traditional “carnage panty” this year. It was a tight battle for the lead among the top three paddlers. Bobby Miller, from D.C., and Richmond’s Isaac Hull exchanged the lead multiple times throughout the race and the outcome was uncertain even as the dueling duo powered through the infamous “Corner” rapid. Ultimately Isaac Hull took the Overall and Wildwater Class win, with Bobby taking second. Maryland’s Geoff Calhoun was next, securing the Long Boat class win. Renee Powers took the women’s class victory, Phil Prince cinched Canoe class, and David Verde ruled the Rubber realm.

It was a primo day on the Maury River and now the spring season can commence. Think Rain!

The Goshen Race sends a huuuuge “Thanks” to Pyranha Kayaks for being a longtime supporter of this Virginia Whitewater Tradition! Thanks to Pyranha, and other generous supporters, everyone who raced walked away with a prize.