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Raundalen warm up

Here is a little clip from my first trip on the Reimegend section or the Raundalselva this year. It was a little cold but well worth it as this section is full of none stop class 4 and a couple you will probably walk round.

The Raundalselva is also under threat from Voss kommune wanting to dam it for hydro power. This would be a rely shame because of the shear beauty of this river and the amount of runnable white water, from water falls to endless class four.

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Facebook – Ja til vidare vern av Raundalselva

Please also if you are kayaking in Raundalen this summer to be on ya best behaviour, park and camp respectfully, pick up your trash and dont burn the locals wood piles.

Remember take only pictures, kill only time, leave only footprints.

Enjoy the video Click here