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Pyranha Team at the 2014 Tyne Tour

The annual Tyne Tour was held yet again in Hexham, Northumberland.  All were welcomed by Hexham Canoe Club for another fantastic weekend. Situated on the magnificent Tyne, a river suitable for all levels of ability, we looked forward to a weekend of paddling with old and new friends.

We set out from North Wales with the Pyranha Kayaks demo fleet, including the new 9R and small Burn. We were looking forward to seeing the reaction to the new boats and we received amazingly positive feedback, especially with the 9R.


Having spent the day demonstrating kayaks, it was finally time to the test the 9R .We cruised downstream through the Tyne valley which was particularly spectacular with the autumnal colours reflecting in the river. Previously we would have found the flat sections pretty hard work, but the new 9R held its speed throughout making it a relaxing paddle.swimming

Warden’s gorge proved to be the highlight of the event with plenty of excitement and carnage. The 9R held it’s own and was like a dream on the top of the waves where we felt very much in control, getting involved in some king of the wave competitions.       double sirf

 Once we had packed up the gear and dried off, it was party time with the amazing firework display followed by the annual ceilidh. Another great event, thanks to all who organised it, participated and partied.


On sunday overnight rain had brought up some of the local rivers, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to go ‘Yorkshire stouting’. Leaving fellow team member Ben to nurse his hangover and take charge of the stand, we met up with Sam Ellis and Greame Benson at Aysgarth Falls. The sun had come out and we had a great morning lapping this cool set of drops!

barny aysgarth

Written by Louise Fingleton, many thanks to Dan Bradley for kindly letting us use your photos and to the tourists who sent us some photos from Aysgarth Falls!