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The last few months…

The last few months have been non-stop, ending with a crazy unfortunate trip to Chile to finish it off!

I spent July working as a raft guide in Whistler and paddling on the Cheak and Callaghan daily waiting for the Stikine to come in, which did and really early! August 2nd and we were getting ready to drive north for our first run of the season! We got there to find great water levels and amazing weather! We had an awesome season opening 3 day trip, another 3 day trip and a one day that was great. Overall we had great weather, some nice/high flows on our second trip and lowish on the others which still make it an amazing run! 

We shot a lot of footage during our trips with Nomade (Tino and Lore) and Eric Parker Photography for a Red Bull project with my brother Aniol. There’s a lot of amazing footage and I can’t wait to watch the edit they are putting together, coming out real soon!

After that we drove south to Revelstoke to try to get some waterfalls but the ran wasn’t enough so we only paddled Sutherland at a very low flow but it was still great.

We then drove back to Whistler, paddled the Ashlu a bunch with great flows and time to go home came by!

Landed in Spain mid september, hang out for a week painting my grandmas house and paddling in Sort and left to Sickline.

Sickline was great, there was 7 of us from Sort so the drive went by pretty fast. Once there it’s a great life, wake up, eat, kayak and sleep. It was great to sleep on nice beds and cook in a kitchen after so many months of traveling and camping!

The race started really good for me, winning the qualification and quarter finals, made the super final in second place as lucky loser after Sam knocked me out on semis but my final run wasn’t good enough and ended up taking 4th. Started off and hit a rock, what made me make more mistakes and  not have a nice rhythm, felt slow throughout all the course and yeah I was almost 2 seconds slower… Hope to learn from this year and be more prepared next year!!

Right after Sick-Line we flew back to BC to finish the Red Bull project as we needed Fall lows water flows. Everything went great and went back home.

I spent some time paddling in Sort, went surfing in France and the Basque Country, got sick for a week and flew to Chile which took a bit lover than expected as I had to spend a couple days in Panamá as they didn’t want to let my boat in the plane once there… 

Anyways summer and fall were great, lots of kayak in amazing places like the Stikine, Revelstoke, Sick-Line… overall an awesome time a bit busier than expected but sweet times. Now I’m hanging out in Chile where I’ll be all winter long escaping the cold and enjoying the great rivers and places this country has to offer.