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Pucon, Chile

Day one on the lower Tres Saltos drop


I have been in Pucon for two weeks now. It is one of the best creeking destinations I could imagine. Our friend and local river guru Rodrigo has taken us on the best biggest runs around. Our trip started out on day one with a 60 footer, day three a 70 footer, and day five a 50. The runs have been just as quality as the drops around here. It has been an awesome start to a great trip. All of our adventures will be airing in Feb on National Geographic International and Rush HD. Here´s a little teaser of the trip. More quality photos when you
Middle Palguin Waterfall Sequence



I am glad that my bow started to drop



A slide on a sweet run called the Nevados


The second drop of the Tres Saltos


One of our best adventures came on the Florin River. We were the third group I believe to do it so the beta wasnt all to good. We just knew there was a sweet double drop and 50 footer. After the 50 there is an unrunnable gorge that we had to hike out at, due to our friends past experience we heard hiking out on the left might be easier than his last attempt at a mile portage in the jungle on the right. We bashed through the thick bamboo ending up lost and turned around as night fall approached. We hiked over a hill thinking we would be at the road only to find the river again, half the group thought we were upstream and half downstream. We made it down the steep jungle to find we were downstream but still in the lowest part of the gorge. It was close to dark so we figured our best bet was to route the gorge, we ended up getting to unscoutable rapids that looked to bad to run blind. We were all thinking we would have to spend a night unprepared in the gorge until we happened to see a small wood carven hot springs on the side of the gorge. Turned out there was a latter up and out right there that lead to a huge cow pasture..really random no houses or roads near by. After warming up for a few minutes we hiked out and dowstream to the end of the gorge and crossed to the take out, meeting our film crew just as the sun went fully down.
The roadside runs closer to Pucon are a lot easier to access and I would highly recommend anyone wanting a class 4 or 5 adventure to contact Rodrigo @