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looping the REV
1st time in the NEW REV today. Out in the cold on the Delaware river at Scudders falls NJ. The REV was a lot of fun, and trying to loop without getting my head wet seemed like a good way to stay warm!

I met up with Jeremy who picked up the new toy over at Starrk Moon a few days ago. We were jonesing to test it out and had a nice level on the Delaware.
cartwheeling Cartwheels are still cool.
We both liked it a lot and noticed some good things with the design. I found it really easy to throw around, easy to roll, BIG loops, surfs well, super stable, and feels like a nice medium sized boat. I can’t wait to go paddle it somewhere a little warmer.

Jeremylooping Jeremy keeping dry.
Jeremy looping the REV img_0956.JPG Loops