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9R Love

Th 9R is still ruling my world at the moment, it really is the boat that I have been looking for when you’re after a day of making silky moves and taking beautiful lines on the river.  Ive actually found it to be a great all round river boat and not just for racing, its really competent and nimble on grade 2/3 and manages to keep you entertained throughout.  Its also capable when it gets a bit harder too and can stay on line in some pushy water, the boat seems to make you view the river differently and encourages you to take new lines that you wouldnt normally.  The 9R has shown me that it really is a boat that everyone from racers to creekers, coaches and paddlers even at the lower grade can enjoy too!

Have a look at these short videos of it in action, its worthwhile turning your speakers up for this one!