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Introducing the University of Bristol Canoe Club…

Us winning the sponsorship prize at NSR

Winning the sponsorship prize at NSR

Hey, we’re the University of Bristol Canoe Club (UoBCC) and since the legendary freestyle and party weekend that was NSR, we are a part of the amazing Team Pyranha. We have paddlers at all levels of ability and experience, from beginners taking their first strokes on their paddling adventure up to those running (and swimming) the gnarl. As well as awesome club trips to rivers in the UK and Europe, we dabble in canoe polo and once a year we go on a pilgrimage to Woolacombe for a weekend of surf kayaking. Jack-of-all-trades and masters of none… the swimming shows!

Paddling should always be fun and the social aspect of the club is as important as the paddling. With this in mind, over the next year, you’ll hopefully meet us at some riverbank near or far. We’ll be the group of slightly hungover looking students (well, one of the groups of these).

We hope to share some stories and paddling thoughts with you over the next year. Check us out @UOBcanoe and and keep up to date with what we’re doing!

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