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Whistlers 2nd Annual Go Fest Cheakamus Extreme Race!


The first race of the season on the BC main land went off this year with over 60 competitors and $600 on the line. Amazing kayakers from all over the world were in town for this one.

With a time trail to seed you for the 4 person head to head the pressure is on straight off the bat!

Team England were repping hard at this event with 4 of us making it through to top 10. As you can imagine the heats started stacking up as more and more people got knocked out. And everyone knows “its not about winning its just about beating your mates”. I had some awesome races with a good few of my main mission buddies; Sam Ricketts, Hector Darby and Todd Wells to mention a few. Lets just say pride it worth more than money, no one gave in easy!

Take a look at the photos!

Team Slovakia got Gold, followed by the Norsk beast Johny with Silver and Bronze for myself!

The new XL Burn ripped, I can wait to hit up the Callaghan Race with the Niner!

Peace out team, stay safe!

Ric Moxon

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