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Ingredients for an Epic Weekend: Skook, Starfish, Sea Salt, Sunshine, and the Ripper 2 Small

Kayakers going up for a second surf / Photo credit: Jeremy Nash

I recently took the new Ripper 2 Small up to Skook for one of the +XL tides. First off, if you’ve never gone to Skook you need to get up there ASAP. Electric purple starfish line the shore, sea anemones, and seals greet you after every surf. The sea water is so clear that when you’re surfing the wave, you can look down and see the kelp swaying to the motion of the ocean below you.

The Infamous Purple Skook Starfish / Photo credit: Hailey Thompson

My first impressions of the new and improved Ripper is that Pyranha really crushed this design. It is infinitely easier to stern squirt, carves on waves because it doesn’t get locked into a line, loves to lay big treat boofs, and zooms out of features like a dart.

Here are some key features I LOVE about the new design:

  1. It is a little wider at the hips, making it more stable and predictable than the old Ripper. 
  2. The stern is super slicey, which makes it much easier to stern squirt than any other half-slice I’ve been in. #likebutter
  3. The balance of the boat feels great, so when you get a nice vertical stern squirt, it’s easier to hold it in a stern stall. 
  4. The bow is beefy, which makes for excellent boofs and helps get you through bigger features. 
  5. It is shorter than the old Ripper Small, making it easier to redirect your line. You don’t get as locked into a line. 
  6. The grab handles are excellently placed for getting hard points when strapping onto your car. 
Wyatt Doyle dropping in for a surf / Photo credit: Jeremy Nash

The new and improved Ripper was too good not to share, so I let a few of my talented friends take it for a few surfs on Skook. I hope you enjoyed a snapshot into our weekend!

Wyatt Doyle Airscrewing the Jedi / Photo credit: Jeremy Nash