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Hitting the River After The Rain

Well after lots of rain here in the UK I decided to give my Rev a little rest and get out in my Burn for a change. As ever we had plans to try something new but the water wasn’t quite in the right place so we ended up on the Upper Tees but with plenty of water.

Jamie Dog Leg on Tees

I’ve paddled the Tees a few times but this was the first time I managed to get it with some decent water in it. The Tees is one of those rivers that isn’t really hard but it has some sections that you do have to think about getting your line right. With the extra water about there were a few new lines that I’d not tried before and it made the river that bit different. Having not been in a creek boat for a while it was a great river to get back into things. Enjoy the pictures….

Jamie Tees

Jamie Last drop of dogleg

Jamie Low Force