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Putting the Rev through its paces…

River levels hit optimum levels this week bring in some of the best river wave surfing in the UK, a fine opertunity to go have some fun and put the Rev through its paces…


Pyranha party wave!

These places are a rare treat indeed, running only once or twice a year due to specific water levels and rain fall. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

tl_009.jpgCarving around in the 4Twenty

tl_007.jpgblunting the day away

tl_003.jpgRe-gaining the shoulder in the Rev

tl_002.jpgGetting used to the ‘pop’

tl_013.jpgOrlando givin it some stick

tl_012.jpgSurfing The Twilight Zone

 Have fun, I am 😉