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Jed, Loki, demshitz Jared and Dave.. eternity hole

We have some winners!!! After a few sick days with Jared Seiler paddling the Shiva on the Raven fork Jared and I where all fired up to try our new playboats! Before I go there I have to say that the Shiva is a beast! It was awesome on the Raven fork. It tackles rapids! So the day after paddling the Shiva’s Jared and myself grabbed a Jed and a Loki to test drive in eternity hole just outside of Sylva NC. We are killing it right now! The Loki performs as it should. Nice smooth, easy, cartwheels and easy to stern squirt. The Jed has to be the best freestyle boat out there. It’s way easy to throw around, but as you will see still gives up good pop! I’m super excited to see what we will do in this boat! Here is a short video of the to boats in action. Make sure you stay tuned for a video from myself and Craig Kleckner with the Jed on Bus Eater wave on the Ottawa. Some big air for sure! click for the video below… Cheers