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Corse We Can!

Filming for Means of Production 2 has been continuing in Corsica! But it hasn’t all been simple fun and games; oh no.

April 4th: Lucy and Luke picked me up from my grandmother’s house in London and we shot off at high speed to catch our ferry. However things took a turn for the inconvenient when Luke’s radiator exploded just before reaching the dartford crossing.

We were towed back to my grandmother’s, had a cup of coffee and decided: if Luke’s car wouldn’t take us, then my Vauxhall Corsa Can. Ha!


It would be a 3000 mile round trip that would leave me without brakes and spending around £500 on repairs and losing a kayak. But it was worth it. (Full boat-losing story at

untitled folderhammack time

Observing a ferral existence, we barely had time to string up a hammock; setting up camp wherever we could, we managed so circumnavigate the Island in a week.


Some dodgey walk-outs…

untitled foldertrain

Lovely views…


And, to be honest, a lack of truely amazing stil photos… but here’s some nice ones:


untitled foldermat veccio

Many more opportunities to find good shots for the next film!

untitled folderfoin film mike

And why not try some playboating on the middle Golo!

untitled folderpyrane play

A new trailer for MOP2 will be out this Summer. Keep watching this space:

Means of Production:

Means of Production 2:

And if you want to know how I lost my kayak, you can read the full article here.

Photos by Adam Dumolo