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Colorado 2015: Media Dump

Colorado is one of the most fun and picturesque places for paddlers to visit.  Enough said… lets get to the media!

Below: Adam Goshorn slip-n-sliding on OBJ, photo by Alicia Lycan

AG on OBJ by Alicia Lycan 1

Below: Eric Hoffman rocking the Shiva on OBJ, photo by Adam Goshorn

Eric Hoffman by AG 9


Below: Adam Goshorn on the first drop on OBJ, Photo by Jason Bordwine

Adam Goshorn OJB 1 by Jason Bordwine

Below: Alicia Lycan boofing on OBJ, photo by Adam Goshorn

Alicia Lycan on OBJ by Adam Goshorn 2

Below: Adam Goshorn lining up the kicker on Avalanche rapid on OBJ, photo by Jason Bordwine

AG Avalanche 5

Below: A compalation of footage from our time in Colorado in June and July of 2015.  Edited by Adam Goshorn

Until Next Time…

-Adam Goshorn

Below: The crew taking in the scenery at Cottonwood Pass, photo by Adam Goshorn

Cottonwood Pass

Below: Adam Goshorn living the good life at 12,000 feet, photo by John Kern

AG Snow Angel