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Alabama Awakening

adambottom1.JPG Adam Goshorn – by Charlie Mix

Alabama rivers were awakened in the middle of the dry season as the remains of Tropical Storm ‘Fay’ brought much needed rain to the region.

Typically the Alabama whitewater season runs from late fall through early summer, when frequent rain keeps the rivers running and the paddlers smiling.  From the time the rivers dry up in early summer until the rains return in late fall, Alabama paddlers put in a lot of travel time to keep their boats wet.  However, the Atlantic tropical storm season sometimes provides temporary relief from the dry spells.  August 25, 2008 the remnants of Tropical Storm ‘Fay’ began dropping rain on northeast Alabama and continued through the night.  By afternoon on Tuesday August 26th, Little River Canyon was thumping and local paddlers converged for an afternoon huck session on Little River Falls.  Andy Hobson, Charlie Mix, Danny, and myself (Adam Goshorn) took turns firing off THE most classic drop in Alabama.

adambottom2.JPG Pic by Charlie Mix

adambottom7.JPG Pic by Charlie Mix

andystomping.JPG Andy Hobson -by Adam Goshorn

 charlielip.JPG Charlie Mix -by Adam Goshorn

charlie2nd.JPG Charlie Mix by Adam Goshorn

adamtop3.JPG Pic by Charlie Mix

adamtop5.JPG Pic by Charlie Mix

adamtop6.JPG Pic by Charlie Mix

While the water levels were only high enough to run the falls for one day, Little River Canyon remained runnable for the next three days at consecutively lower levels.  Having four days of paddling on one of my favorite rivers in the middle of a dry Alabama summer was a blessing indeed; a rare gift worth treasuring and one that increases our anticipation for the creeking season to come.

Until Next Time…

-Adam Goshorn

adambottom9.JPG Pic by Charlie Mix