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After 2 years of waiting… Garb!

Fall has arrived here on the Ottawa River.  It is a time when I’m sad to see friends depart from a summer of fun on the river, but ecstatic that the lines ups are gone!   This past weekend was one to remember.  The weather was abnormally mild and the water was still very warm.  I headed to the city early saturday morning for a class, and was devastated when I found out the  river had dropped to Garb levels, and I was stuck in school.   I woke up Sunday morning to find out the river was still holding at a solid level .  A few phone calls later I had a photographer, and some paddling buddies.  We arrived at the wave to find a good size group with huge grins on their faces!  Unfortunate for Billy that he went on a canoe trip the weekend Garb made its first appearance in two seasons!

It’s been 2 long years in the waiting, and it was everything I remembered!   Big, foamy and fun :-) 


inverted garb