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Why is the New Pyranha Burn III So Good?

Well it is finally here, the NEW Pyranha Burn III!

Everyone has been asking, what makes the new Burn III so great?

Just a few of the many reasons:

1. SPEED. The new Burn III is truly one of the fastest boats that I have paddled. The acceleration is incredible and unlike any other boat I have sat in, due to the slight addition in length and change in rocker profile.

2. LOWER DECK PROFILE. With the lower deck profile you able to sit forward, stay more over your bow, and increase precision while paddling.

3. TRACKING. No matter where you are trying to go, the boat is ALWAYS predicable. The edges are easy to initiate and allow for precise turns and eddy carving even when in crazy/swirly whitewater. Most importantly, the boat goes where you want it to, not where it wants to go.

Photo - Alex Matthews

Photo – Alex Matthews

4. BOOFING. Not only is the hull much faster, but it is super easy to boof!

5. ROCKER. With increased rocker in the bow, a little less in the stern, and the flat hull the boat goes over almost anything you can put your mind to. With the slight decrease in rocker in the stern, you now have the opportunity to initiate the stern in your turns!

6. NEW OUTFITTING. New metal grab loops and the brand NEW 2014 Connect outfitting!

OVERALL. The boat is a fantastic all around. Perfect for any type of whitewater, from river running to creeking, the new Burn can do it all, and it can do it WELL! I have always been a lover of displacement hulls, but I gotta say the new Burn III did change my mind. I am hooked. So what are you waiting for… Go ahead and give the new Burn III a try!

Photo - Alex Matthews

The Gorilla Wheel in New Burn! Photo – Alex Matthews

Check out the burn edit!!

Until next time.