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Wairoa Extreme Race 2016

I have been out in New Zealand for 2 months now, getting excited for the arrival of my new 9R.  It turned up a day before the Wairoa Extreme Race so, needless to say, I was super excited to try it out.

This annual race is the first in the NZ Extreme WW race; Wairoa, Buller Fest, Citroen and provided an awesome opportunity to meet some more of the awesome N. Island boating community that are so inviting.


The boater-X showcased some fantastic lines and excellent carnage to keep the spectators cheering

Day one consisted of a 7-8 minute time trial down the dam release section of the Wairoa packed with a heap of brilliant grade 4 rapids.  This was my first time in the 9R and I loved it.  Super-fast on the flats, skips away from drops and boofs like a dream.

The evening provided time for a couple of Kaituna laps and an awesome party.  Yet another chance to enjoy the awesome NZ boating community.

Terry Lasenby

Loving the boofs in the 9R during the boater-X. Photo – Terry Lasenby

The boater-X event was on day two, where kayakers would paddle head to head down the 1 minute crux of the river.  There were tons of competitors and spectators lining the banks, cheering all of the carnage and watching some pretty styley lines.

Johannes Hendriks

1st round of the boater-X, approaching ‘Rollercoaster”. Photo – Johannes Hendriks

This was an awesome introduction to the speed and accuracy of the 9R and I am supper excited to get on lots more of New Zealand’s classic runs in it.

Thanks to Long Cloud Kayaks for helping me get the boat out here, the Wairoa race organisers for a wicked weekend and to Pyranha for their awesome, continued support.