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Video of: Demshitz in upstate New York


Photo by: Jeff Campbell

As the rain pounded in upstate New York Nicole and myself  started driving north.  Our first stop was the Inner City Strife wave where we met up with Jeremy Laucks, Bryan Hartman, and a few other of demshitz.  After a few days of non stop surfing myself, and Jeremy met up with Matt Young and several others for a run down sections 3 and 4 of the Oswegatchie.  This was a Moose like river but on a bigger scale.  I believe Jeremy called this style of river “lake and huck”.  This sick week of kayaking lead us  into the always entertaining Moose Fest.  Yes…… there was rain and snow.  Here is a video of the Inner City wave and some creeking on the “lake and huck” Oswegatchie.    VIDEO HERE