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Team Pyranha shows off at Charlotte Whitewater park














Last weekend was the anual Pro-Am at the National Whitewater Center, a freestyle competition that teams up one pro with two amateurs. This was my second year to attend and like last year it was a great time. I love the team aspect of the comp, which is something you don’t get much in freestyle. The event was also a fund raiser for First Descents, and people really forked out the cash for this good cause, raising 1700 dollars.




















Big D was pumped that dems did so well. After a boatercross, which was rowdy and full of tough to make eddies, the points were tallied and the results were given. Team Pyranha took home six of the top ten spots, and made a stellar showing.




















Brad throws a brown and sends a yellow, at the same time.



















Me dropping into Well Hole in the concrete ditch, and watching carefully for rafts. There were some plastic on rubber collisions but all in fun.  Big thanks go out to the homies ( Chan, Brad, Matt, Clay, Tye, Chris, and Big D) for making such a good showing, as well as all the volunteers, and to the event organizers for making Pyranha feel at home. Cant wait for next years’ comp and antics.