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A Boat That Can Hold Both Books AND Beer

Like plenty of stories, this one begins with winning a launch date for the Grand Canyon. Where this story maybe takes a sharp turn was finding a kayak that I could cram a bunch of books inside… Several years ago, I was sitting with friends on a rental cabin porch in the Appalachians of Tennessee …

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A Grand Canyon Christmas

For the fifth time in six years, in December 2014 I found myself climbing into a Pyranha boat and sliding into the waters of the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, Arizona.  Previously I’ve paddled the Grand Canyon with raft-support in an Everest, Burn II, and Shiva; and one self-support trip in the Fusion.  This time …

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Grand Canyon Round IV: Media Dump

Below: The daily commute, by Julia Fore For the forth time in as many years, on November 27, 2012 I found myself back at Lees Ferry Arizona launching once again into the waters of the Colorado River to float through the magical landscape of the Grand Canyon. My most recent previous trip had been a speedy, seven-day, self-support …

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