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Sweet September in the Southeast!

It has been a busy month out here. Finishing up the World Cup, Gauley Fest, and a little Green in between. Jeremy and I decided to finish the remainder of the month after the Black Rodeo-with a Team road trip. We picked up new Team member Dave Fusilli and the three of us headed south to Asheville.

Dave Fusilli 


We got to the warehouse around 4 and managed to get a sweet late afternoon run with Dinver and Dave. Jeremy fired up the monkey for his first time(without scouting I might add) and stuck it nicely!
Nick and Dave J.Kentucky

Another day on the Green-two runs for me-one run for Dave(forgot his helmet on 2nd run:)and no runs for Jeremy-Van detailing and boat fixing. Then off to the final event of the World Cup at Rock Island in our new Pyranha rig!

ChasingRain Van 

Jeremy’s new and improved Rain Van, and his new Spanish “Flea”, a tailored Spanish “Fly”

Rock Island Jeremy Fusilli

Two days at Rock Island with limited water- we were ready to get to West Virginia for some good Gauley action. At Rock Island Jeremy bested us all with a respectable 29th place in the freestyle event and took 2nd place that weekend in the squirt competition!


Rolling deep at the Gauley where Pyranha truly represents-7 4-Twenty’s in our group alone! Some Great play and massive big tricks in our 4-twenty’s tired us out pretty good.

 Loopdat4-Twenty Dave Fu-Silli Huge Air Wheel-Fusilli Jeremy Mission Flip 

Graham Going Big in the 4-Twenty!  Finney executing the Face Plant!


The Riggs!

Met up with Matt Hamilton, Jeremy decided to stay in WV and squirt all week at the New. While Dave, myself, two boys from Colorado-Connor Finney and Justin Mitchel, and my brother Graham jumped in Matt’s van(pictured above)to drive to Maryland for the Mass Start Upper Yough Race on Wednesday.

 Bat Cave Upper Yough  Conor@cheeseburger  Haminator

Cold rainy weather didn’t keep us away and the short boat class consisted of mostly our group with the exception of a few locals, and was made up with a majority of the boats being Burns! It was like our own class-the Burn class! It was a Great Race-As you would have guessed all Burns in the top 3. I came out on Top-Dave right behind me followed by Graham. That night after adding up our winnings(total of 50 bucks) we had are own little after party camped out at Piney Mountain.

Sam  Pillow Head2Head Race

Back to the Gauley for “Mud” Fest 2006. The Open event on Friday was a blast! Dave and I nearly reached the podium in the Mass start race through Pillow, after taking the lead I was soon hip checked into the eddy behind Volkswagon where I was run down by a huge train of boats and went from 1st to last. Dave managed to squeeze in there in 4th place. Earlier in the day however, I did manage to make the top three with the 3rd Best run through Pillow rapid! It was a very fun event, with a great showing of competitors!

After the festival, our team parted ways, but we will be teaming up again this week to head to the Charlotte Whitewater Park for some races and rodeos planned for monday! Until next time, Have fun out there and be safe!