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Southeast Summer Happenings

The southeast team taking over the nantahala wave one summer  day

In the southeast in summertime, living at the Nantahala river is the place to be. With a consistent play feature and being located right in the middle of all the good dam released summer runs, the kayaking options are wide open. This summer involved playboating at the nantahala, ocoee, and pigeon, and creeking on the nantahala cascades, raven fork, cullasaja, and of course the green. Check out This har video for some footage, and enjoy the photos below.

Nantahala wave, site of 2013 world chapionships

B-rad and myself at the Green

Groove tube on the Green

the gorilla rapid

macho grubbin off nantahala falls

repping the Jed hard at NOC

flips n shitz at nantahala wave