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Southampton University – A Farewell

The summer has arrived and with it sadly comes the end of our Pyranha sponsorship.  The club was awarded Pyranha sponsorship at the 2011 National Student Rodeo and it’s safe to say that without the boats that the club received from Pyranha we would be in a very different position right now. With the help of the Pyranha boats we’ve had record numbers of freshers join up this year and had them paddling in some quality boats. Most importantly though, loads of these newcomers are on track to being very good boaters; it’s great watching so many guys and girls progress from not knowing how to hold a paddle to becoming comfortable grade III paddlers in such a short space of time. On this note, our resident movie man Somerset Dave has made an excellent film showing just what SUCC is all about, it’s well worth a watch:

So thanks for your all your support Pyranha, we’ll see you on the water!

SUCC love,

Southampton University Canoe Club