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“This Pountine Is So Good, I’m Never Going Home”

Our new friend Francois killing it on the Valin

It’s hard to believe I just spent the last two days in Quebec during the some lowest water conditions imaginable, and still got to paddle two amazing rivers.  I suppose when you go to the region that is home to a third of the world’s fresh water you can always expect to have something to paddle.

Chris Morelli sending the waterfall on the Malbaie

Chris and Brenton showed up at my house at 8:00 Sunday night after all three of us had passionately celebrated the beginning of summer throughout the weekend.  We were all feeling pretty rugged but decided to rally the 6 hour drive to Quebec City despite our exhaustion.  We reached our destination just after 2:00 am and awoke somewhat early to meet up with a large crew for the Valin.  It was a bit of a drive to get there.  By the time we paddled, ate food, and got back to camp, it was 10:00 p.m. at which point we went to sleep woke up, and went to the Malbaie before making the 8 hour push back to Lake Placid.

Chris Mo put a really nice edit together of our experience.  You can check it out at the The Northway Blog.


Chris Mo boofing on the Valin

We were so lucky to meet up with the Quebec Connection boys.  They gave us a great place to camp, showed us down two amazing new Rivers, and were so much fun to spend time with.  The energy of this group of local Quebec boaters is only rivaled by their level of skill in a kayak.  These guys are good…really good.  Every single one of them.  I suppose that is what happens when you live in the center of so many great rivers to paddle.

giving a look at the big waterfalls in the portage on the Valid


Brenton boofing on the Malbaie

An equally exciting part of the journey was watching Chris and Brenton, as Quebec virgins, have their first poutine experience.  Poutine is classic Quebec junk food that usually involves Cheese Curds, French Fries, and Gravy.  Chris and Brenton stepped it up a notch, ordering their’s with bacon, and what looked like a hot dog.  Staring at his massive plate of heaven, after having just paddled some awesome Quebec whitewater, Chris was so happy, at one point he actually refused to go home.

Stay tuned for an edit from Chris Mo…

Stout Poutine...fuel for Quebec kayaking