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Simpler times down South

Hola internet, como estas? Gringo Chris here with an update from Chile! Things have been great down south here in the land of flowing pisco and beautiful women…I mean flowing and beautiful rivers. Many different events and crews have been passing thru the Pucon area. I have been living in Puesco which is the headwaters of the Trancura river. The Puesco is an amazing place that is under the attack by companies that are trying to dam the river and its tributaries. This November Puescofest happened as a celebration to raise awareness of this issue and the issues of other rivers being damed in Chile. It truly was a gathering of culture,positive vibes and love for the rivers. Check out the website for more info!

Heres a sweet photo of a hike right in the backyard of Puesco, thats the road from Pucon to Argentina down there.






The Puesco consists of fast steep creeking with technical and consequential moves. Heres a typical view of the Tres Troncos section on the Puesco.


Just your typical river rats enjoying the good vibes!


Ah, good old Puesco loving. As the water gets lower around Pucon the kayakers journey south to follow the water. This year I got on the Rio GolGol for my first time. It is an amazing mix of scenery and waterfalls! What else do you need?!


Pluggin er in! This is one of the most fun drops on the run, in my opinion. Its the only drop that doesn’t give you any airtime, but rolling down a tongue of water into the softest,deepest hit is a special feeling. This next shot is from the drop called La Princessa, the most challenging drop on the run.


One more week in Pucon to enjoy the rivers, the people and the parties. Its a great scene here but the water is getting low, so its time to move south. The plan is to live on the banks of the Rio Fuy with LJ Groth, come hang out and kayak with team ESCAPE! Providing classes in kayaking, and life styling! Check out our website for more info! Cheers for now internet, back to the mountains and the rivers! Chao!


Just hanging with the locals of the Maichin valley. Peace for now!