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See Your Local Run Differently

Pyranha Kayaks are truly By Enthusiasts, For Enthusiasts, and we’ve been getting seriously enthusiastic about paddling the 12R recently…

Andy Butler, Ex-Paddlesport Coach/Kayak Bum turned UK Sales Manager

As the lead sceptic whenever the guys at Pyranha US raised the topic of producing a Pyranha longboat (and that was quite frequently!), I have to say, I was wrong!

As soon as I paddled the first 12R prototype I was sold. We already knew that #FastIsFun, but it’s not just the speed, it’s the challenge I love; re-thinking lines, getting it wrong a few times but rolling up with a grin on my face, and learning to develop my style to unlock the full potential of the 12R’s design.

Liam ‘Ted’ Jay, EU Sales and Semi-Pro Beater

I was shocked by how nimble a 12ft boat could feel and totally blown away by the speed. The way the 12R glides and carves around the river has me giggling the whole way from get-on to egress.

Bren Orton, Professional Big Deal and Co-Founder of SEND.

Long kayaks are not just for races. I look forward to using this kayak to learn to look ahead more, to cover more distance and to go faster than I have ever gone down my local river!

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat Bren’s time? Book a 12R Demo with your local dealer, head down to Cardiff International White Water Centre, and paddle fast!

If you log your time on Strava, and post a video of your run on our Facebook Page, you could even win a Limited Edition 12R T-Shirt and other Pyranha swag!