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Hi folks,

Just a quick update of a recent trip! I took my girlfriend (Jenni) out sea kayaking for her first over night trip. I’m not a sea kayaking guru but wow we had an amazing time. It opened my eyes to a new side of our amazing sport. Pyranha were kind enough to let us use the new Venture Jura sea kayak. It was great, Jenni has only been kayaking for hand full of times and she did great. She loved the kayak! We did over 25km the first day, she was flying. We saw some beautiful wildlife, countless seals both in the water and sunbathing, plus a bunch of stunning eagles! I always like to cook to impress on multi-days and this was no exception, fresh veggies cooked up to make a delicious Mexican dish. Take a peek at the photos.

Cheers team, keep having fun!

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