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Female Paddlers: An Update

Paddler: Rowan Stuart, Photo: Nuria Fontane

You may remember us putting out a blog post back in August looking for more female ambassadors to join Team Pyranha; if you missed that, you can find it here:

Shortly after the post was published, we were stunned by a tidal wave of emails, over 200 in fact, from a vast amount of truly inspirational ladies!

Over the next few months we read absolutely every email (with more arriving every day), checked out each link, video and photo sent to us, took into account all recommendations and consulted extensively with our existing team paddlers to pick out as many ladies as we could feasibly support; these people will already have received an email from us letting them know what the next steps are.

To everyone else that applied (and even those ladies who didn’t), please don’t feel like this is the end; everyone who emailed came across as someone with a passion for kayaking, and that’s a quality that Pyranha shares with them completely! From this point on we’d encourage you all to keep doing what you do, record your adventures and experiences (whether that’s via photos, video, a blog or all three), make friends at your local paddling events and make sure you get your name out there and remembered for the right reasons (often being friendly, encouraging and helpful to others will go much further and last far longer than just being the first person to throw yourself down something big in a kayak).

We’d also like you to know that photos, videos, blog posts or any other things you have that are relevant to Pyranha, P&H, Revenge or Venture are always welcome (whether you’re on the Team or not) and if you see us at an event then feel free to come over and say hello. Most of all though, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing us just how much ladies rock!

Figures we obtained from the BCU show female participation at any level within the UK paddling scene is currently at around 25%, but the response from our blog post has strongly encouraged us that worldwide we can easily reach above this, and we’re excited to support more ladies and help provide the inspiration to make this happen! We’ll be announcing the new additions to Team Pyranha in stages over the next few months, keep an eye out on for the first of these in the next week!

Happy Paddling!