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River Leading or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boat

Through our relationship with Pyranha it really shows how much they care about the grassroots of the sport and not just the big names out there winning races and pushing boundaries.

Over the weekend a few universities from the southwest met up on Dartmoor for a 4* course going through river leadership, safety, and group management as well as personal skills in the class 2 and 3 environments ran by Gene17Kayaking’s Andrew Bonney and Deb Pinniger.

With most having already done a whitewater safety and rescue course, these two courses combined allow the club’s river leaders to have a strong grounding and allow trips to run smoothly and enjoyably for all involved.


Lucy loving the Burn III in the new colourways! #BurnBabyBurn

Alex on the River Walkham, Devon!

With quite a bit of theory involved there was some sitting around, day 1 meeting at a cafe and day 2 sat on the boats. With the recent additions to the fleet everyone was keen to jump on and see what they were all about!

Gene17’s Deb Pinniger sharing some knowledge on safe river guiding.

Luke getting to grip’s with the 9R! #9RLove #FastIsFun

Nice and dry, the 9R’s wave deflectors doing their job well!

One drop down, two more to go! Patrick’s #InTheZone

Throughout the day we reconvened to share what had been learnt and pick up a few more tips on what to look for in certain situations. Having two world class coaches with us gave a great insight in to what worked and what didn’t!

Gene17’s Andrew Bonney chatting to the guys about group management.

Jon keeping the Burn III’s nose nice and dry.

Lucy practicing active strokes for a better river running experience!

Luke and Lucy engaging in peer review , working in pairs allows a second perspective on the situation

Luke enjoyed this move enough in the 9R to run it several times! #9RLove

Bonney getting #InTheZone

Enders, pirouettes, and squirts made super easy with the ZOne.

With lots of chances to paddle different boat’s (Burn’s, ZOne’s, the 9R) it’s sometimes hard to pick a favorite, each being subtly different and adding another dimension to the down river experience.

We just love them all! #FastIsFun #InTheZone #BurnBabyBurn #9RLove

Enough from me, enjoy the photo’s. Dougal

All photo’s taken by Dougal Gray (Trilogy)