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Raundalselva under threat in Voss – Norway!

Boating season has is well under way for most up here is Norway, despite the currently cold nights and low water levels.

For me, I have to wait and train up a few more weeks before trying anything too exciting after a back operation, but I have paddled the rafting section of the Raundalselva

Which brings me to the subject of saving the the Raundalselva.  One of the worlds most beautiful rives is under threat from hydro projects!!

Check out the Facebook group created by Voss Kayak Club here –!/group.php?gid=119108778099266


As anyone who has been to Norway knows this river is a gem, with its crystal clear water, raging waterfalls and scenic beauty there is no way in hell you could ever live to see it damed.

At the moment a dubious play has been layed out presenting 10 different ideas for hydro developments, but the most poplar project from the developers side of the table would involve taking water out at the the start of the ‘Rime’ section and delivering it back right down near the airport near Voss.  The minimum summer flow left in the river is said to be around 6.5 cumecs, and about 2 or so in the winter – This is obviously not good for any river users, be they fishermen, kayakers, fish or animals after the fish.

Voss Kayak club have been leading the debate and opposition right now and doing a great job at prompting discussion.

To find out more about this and get involved you should head over the to FaceBook group and join in – everyone can help!!